Why does Mango ask for so much personal detail when ordering a card?

We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your concerns in sharing additional information.

For the safety and protection of all of our customers as well as the integrity of the Mango Money program we have a know your customer (KYC) policy that can be quite stringent when certain items are flagged. As you mentioned it could be as simple as a non-identified mobile number, or a number that is used multiple times to order multiple accounts, or possibly an address that can not be associated with the applicant.

We attempt to make the enrollment as easy as possible, and while it may be an inconvenience for some to supply this information a financial institution would require much more detail when opening an online bank and savings account that supplies an interest rate.  We feel the Mango Money is the best program on the market and we want to ensure we protect the entire program for those that want to participate.

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